Frequently asked questions:

What cost mold in my greenhouse? 

Many greenhouse owners wonder why they get mold. This cost low ventilate in greenhouse which develops mold.


What purpose do you have with the window opener?

Is it for Rooflight window, Side window, Sliding door, Cold frame, Jalousie window or Stable window.

Rooflight window – Thermovent®, Ventomax®, Sesam Spiro®, Univent®, Optivent®, Megavent®, Megavent Storm® & Gigavent®

Side window – Univent®, Optivent®, Megavent®, Megavent Storm® & Gigavent®

Vertical door – Univent®

Cold frame – Univent®

Jalousie window – Sesam Liberty®

Stable window – Optivent®


It depends also on how much your window weights. All our window openers are divided into three weight categories.

Window Weight 0-14 KG – Univent®, Ventomax®, Thermovent®, Sesam Spiro & Optivent®

Window Weight 7-25 KG – Sesam Liberty®

Window Weight 14-24 KG – Megavent® & Megavent Storm®

Window weight 24-60 KG – Gigavent®


How to adjust the opening temperature?

  • Turn clockwise, if an earlier start/higher opening temperature is required.
  • Turn anti-clockwise, if a later start/lower opening temperature is required.

One twist of the cylinder equates to approximately 0.5 °C. You should be aware that the temperature can vary somewhat within the same greenhouse.

For Professionals/B2B
For Professionals/B2B


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