Frequently asked questions:


What purpose do you have with the window opener?

Is it for Rooflight window, Side window, Sliding door, Cold frame, Jalousie window or Stable window.

Rooflight window – Thermovent®, Ventomax®, Sesam Spiro®, Univent®, Optivent®, Megavent®, Megavent Storm® & Gigavent®

Side window – Univent®, Optivent®, Megavent®, Megavent Storm® & Gigavent®

Sliding door – Univent®

Cold frame – Univent®

Jalousie Window – Sesam Liberty®

Stable window – Optivent®


It depends also on how much your window weights. All our window openers are divided into three weight categories.

Window Weight 0-7 KG – Univent®, Ventomax®, Thermovent®, Sesam Spiro & Optivent®

Window Weight 7-24 KG – Megavent® & Megavent Storm®

Window Weight 7-25 KG – Sesam Liberty®

Window weight 24-60 KG – Gigavent®


How to adjust the opening temperature?

  • Turn clockwise, if an earlier start/higher opening temperature is required.
  • Turn anti-clockwise, if a later start/lower opening temperature is required.

One twist of the cylinder equates to approximately 0.5 °C. You should be aware that the temperature can vary somewhat within the same greenhouse.

For Professionals/B2B
For Professionals/B2B


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