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About Orbesen Teknik Denmark – Automatic vent openers

It was back in 1978 that Johannes Orbesen was the production manager at Shelton A/S, which is known as an innovative and trendsetting Danish design house. He began the invention of automatic window openers while he was an employee at Shelton A/S.

The first automatic window opener invention was Sesam. The window opener was named after the well-known fairy tale “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” due to the fact that the mountain opens automatically when saying, “Open Sesame”. In 1979 Johannes, the founder attended to an invention competition and won the award for the best invention. This made Johannes start his own business J. Orbesen Teknik ApS back in 1981.

Since Johannes started the company in 1981, an automatic window opener for hobby greenhouses has been the core business, which is based on the 100% production process in Denmark. In those +30 years, J. Orbesen Teknik ApS has become the market leader for automatic window openers, and are currently exporting the openers to all over the world.

Today J. Orbesen Teknik ApS has a large range of automatic window openers for all kinds of greenhouses and windows, which have been developing since 1979.

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