Automatic vent opener – Univent® Black

Universal greenhouse window opener


The Univent® Black window opener is a compact and powerful opener. It uses our widely used and well-proven standard hydraulic cylinder that throughout many years on the market has proven its high quality and durability. The Univent® Black window opener is a truly universal opener that has a high degree of versality.

The key features that differentiate this opener is:

  • Its compact design
  • The innovative Easy-Clip-System
  • The double-spring design
  • The Winter Security tape – Buy it here

The innovative Easy-Clip-System makes it possible to rapidly disconnect one end of the opener.
No tools or cumbersome procedures is required. You simply clip off one end of the arm and you have access through the sliding door or into your cold frame – even with the door or roof closed due to the single-acting hydraulic cylinder. Simply open and clip off the arm!

Due to the design of the opener, installation of more powerful springs very easy, thus a higher closing force can be achieved. Please go to our webshop for more information.

The opener is used in a wide variety of applications, but the most common installations the Univent® Black opener is used for are:

Windows in greenhouses

Like all the other window openers from J. Orbesen Teknik ApS, the Univent® Black opener is typically used for opening windows in greenhouses. The design with its double springs makes it very suitable for lightweight windows, since the limited weight of the window won’t assist the closing.

Cold frames

Due to its compact design the Univent® Black opener is perfect for opening the roof in a cold frame. The opener will take up almost no space inside the cold frame leaving plenty of room for your plants. Furthermore will the Easy-Clip-System make access into the cold frame very easy and fast.

Operating sliding doors

Because of the Easy-Clip-System the Univent® Black opener is very suitable for operating a sliding door in a greenhouse. This could be if you don’t have any windows elsewhere in the greenhouse or if you need more ventilation etc. As well as for the cold frames, the Easy-Clip-System will make access through the door a lot easier and faster.


Get help to install Univent® Black on your greenhouse window CLICK HERE

Opening force (a)
7 kg
Standard closing force (a) (b)
0.8 kg
Temperature range, opening
17 – 25 ºC
Maximum window opening at (b)
30 ºC
Maximum opening
45 cm
Standard color (d)
Metallic (untreated)

a) Depending on the type of springs installed.

b) The weight of the window will assist the spring force in the closing, and should be added to the given closing force

c) Depending on adjustment and load. A high load on the opener gives a higher maximum opening temperature

d) Custom colors available for an additional cost

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For Professionals/B2B


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