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Ventilation - Univent Black Ventilation - Orbesen Teknik

As a reseller, it is important to know the products properties before launching the product on the market. The main element of all Orbesen Teknik’s products is that it is a self-working ventilation opener which is handmade by Danish labor and ensures the correct temperature in your customer’s greenhouse. Which also means that your customer doesn’t have to think about venting in his/her greenhouse.

Properties of the product

Univent Black® is offered to your customers that wish, a wide range of applications for:

  • Windows in greenhouses
  • Vertical doors in greenhouses
  • Cold frames

The product is designed with an “Easy-clip” system that allows your customer to disconnect one end of the arms with just a little bit of hand force. Which gives access to the applications above.

Univent Black® is equipped with 2 springs, which allows the ventilation to be closed and 2 springs gives a stronger closing force. However, as a wholesaler, it is possible to optimize the springs power for either a “strong spring” or “extra strong spring”. Which gives an even stronger closing power for your customer’s scope. We recommend this option, for greenhouses produced in polycarbonate, as it is a lightweight window. It is possible for your customer, with the cylinder, to adjust the temperature to open the window if a previous or later opening between 17 ° C-30 ° C is desired. Thermometer on the cylinder can be purchased.

The opener is designed to be used all year. However, ventilation opener in winter must be ensured, using a heat source in the greenhouse or in stormy weather. Univent® Black winter ensured by using the safety belt. With a safety belt, your customer avoids that the heating air from the heat source is vented or that their window is blown up in stormy weather. Your customer must remember to unscrew the cylinder when using the safety belt. Make your customer aware that the cylinder can withstand freezing weather.

Window weight
14 kg
Opening force (a)
7 kg
Standard closing force (a)
0.8 kg
Temperature range, opening
17 – 25 ºC
Maximum window opening at
30 ºC
Maximum opening
45 cm
Standard color (b)
Anodized black

a) Depending on the type of springs installed.

b) Custom colors available for an additional cost

For Professionals/B2B
For Professionals/B2B


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