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The quality of the Sesam Spiro® window opener is emphasized with the fact that it is manufactured in stainless steel.

Furthermore, as with all the other small window openers from J. Orbesen Teknik ApS, it uses our well-proven standard hydraulic cylinder.

One of the unique features of the Sesam Spiro window opener is that it keeps the hydraulic cylinder inside the greenhouse no matter if the window is open or closed. By then, the opener will react on the inside temperature in the greenhouse and not the lower outside temperature, thus the opener will open when the temperature increases.

To increase the usability of the opener without compromising the quality, you can steplessly adjust the opening temperature for the Sesam Spiro® in order to give your plants the optimum surrounding temperature.

The Sesam Spiro® is designed with a long opening stroke, thus a large opening of the vent is necessary for a good natural ventilation in the greenhouse.


As an extra feature the hydraulic cylinder on the Sesam Spiro opener equipped with a thermometer.
Thereby you will be able to see the actual temperature of the wax in the cylinder.

The stainless steel gives the opener a superior degree of corrosion resistance, which easily will make the opener last throughout its whole lifetime.

Stainless steel
Windows weight
14 kg
Opening force
7 kg
Standard closing force (a)
0.5 kg
Temperature range, opening
17 – 25 ºC
Maximum window opening at (b)
30 ºC
Maximum opening
45 cm
Standard color (c)
Metallic (untreated)

a) The weight of the window will assist the spring force in the closing, and should be added to the given closing force

b) Depending on adjustment and load. A high load on the opener gives a higher maximum opening temperature

c) Custom colors available for an additional cost

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For Professionals/B2B


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