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Ventilation - Gigavent


The Gigavent® window opener is our largest and strongest opener in our window opener program.

Due to its large hydraulic cylinder, it is capable of lifting very large and heavy vents.
The hydraulic cylinder is a special cylinder that has optimized heat transfer capabilities due to its 12 protruding fins. That way the reaction time of the opener when the temperature changes, is kept at a minimum.

The Gigavent® window opener is supplied with a unique damper that has a strong and powerful spring built-in.

This combination will simplify the design and make the opener a lot more compact. The damper and the spring will handle even large window in strong winds and gusts and prevent them being ripped open.


In order to improve the flexibility of the window opener, it can be assembled in a wide variety of configurations.This could be for example if you need an extra high opening of your window, or if you need some extra opening force.
Like all our other openers, the opening temperature of the Gigavent® window opener can be steplessly adjusted easily without us of any tools.

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Windows weight
60 kg
Opening force
30 kg
Standard closing force (a)
2 kg
Temperature range, opening
17 – 25 ºC
Maximum window opening at
30 ºC
Maximum opening
30-48 cm
Standard color (b)
Metallic (untreated), white RAL 9010, green RAL 6005

a) The weight of the window will assist the spring force in the closing, and should be added to the given closing force

b) You can also choose White color or Green color and custom colors are available for an additional cost. 

Ventilation opener Gigavent® 

Gigavent® is made of aluminum, which is standard. However, color choices are available, for an additional fee. The product is equipped with an opener and a cylinder, which has been designed to lift a 60 kg window.


The moving parts of the opener and cylinder must be lubricated with a light oil (olive oil) once a year.


2-year warranty for end-user and 3-year professional warranty are valid from the date of purchase.

Guide manual and Packing 

When shipping ventilation openers, a assembly guide is provided, however, your customer must purchase mounting screws yourself. As Gigavent® can fit all kinds of profiles, it is possible to purchase Orbesen Teknik standard screw bags. But it’s not promising that the screw bags fit your greenhouse profiles. Ventilation openers are delivered in styrofoam and closed with a box.

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