Natural ventilation system for comfort ventilation – NOVA AIR

Wind-assisted comfort ventilation from J. Orbesen Teknik ApS

Nova Air from J. Orbesen Teknik ApS is a wind-assisted naturally ventilation system for comfort ventilation.

The system is designed with the advanced air intakes located just above ground level and the outlet vents sitting in the ceiling. Due to the nature of natural convection, the heated air will rise towards the ceiling, while the chimney with a wind-assisted, energy-effective ventilation wind turbine will take care of sucking the air to the outside.

Since a great part of the system is based on natural phenomenons, such as wind and natural convection, the energy consumption of the complete system is very low and environmental friendly. Furthermore the maintenance of the system is very low. You don’t have air ducts, filters or heat exchangers that needs cumbersome cleaning.

The indoor climate regulated through sensing and controlling the temperature, CO2-level and the airflow through the air intake.

The Nova Air system is a modular system where you can use all the components and a combination or as stand-alone of your choice. So whether you need a complete system or a ventilation wind turbine, we can find something that suits your needs. For more information, please contact us

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Wind cowls:

Info sheet English (pdf)

Info sheet Danish (pdf)


PDF – in Danish from the nova-air website:


– Wind turbine with energy efficient back-up motor – Air flow sensor – CO2 Control
– Up to 2000 m3/hr – Temperature sensor – Temperature control
– Anti-condensation coating – Temperature sensitive damper/intake – Integrates with CTS
– Baffler – Discreet design – Air flow control
– Pivotable air flow control/ blade damper – Rain, bug and burglar proof – Summer/winther modes
For Professionals/B2B
For Professionals/B2B


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